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How Much Snowfall Can I Expect This Winter Season?

The lake effect never fails to give West Michigan record-breaking snow falls. Read along as we break down the 2017-18 winter season, and sign up below for a free estimate.   El Niño vs. La Niña El Niño and La Niña refer to the two opposite weather patterns that occur due to fluctuations in temperature […]

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Which Snow Removal Contract Is Right For Me?

With unpredictable snow conditions that vary from year to year, knowing how to plan for snow removal can be difficult. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a snow removal contract. Which will help you stick to your budget, cause the least amount of stress, and provide the best service throughout […]

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Tips for Choosing a Residential Landscaping Company

Your neighbor just spent his last three weekends landscaping his lawn and he’s only got the front yard done. Like your neighbor, you’re interested in giving your lawn a makeover but you’d rather not sacrifice your free time fumbling with yard equipment and lugging around materials. It’s time to skip the DIY and find a […]

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4 Benefits of Investing in Landscape Design

Are you missing out on ample outdoor living space because you’ve let your lawn go to the weeds? Instead of letting your yard exist simply as a chore, take the time to invest in landscape design. What you gain in space, you also gain in value. There are numerous benefits for your home, here are […]

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What Sets Alfresco Apart From Other Landscaping Companies?

Coordinating a large landscape design project is no easy task. You want to be sure that your landscaping company completely understands your creative vision, and has the capacity to bring that vision to life. Not to mention, staying on top of key details such as budget, maintenance, and much more. While there is no shortage of landscaping […]

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5 Places to Emulate in Your Backyard

Some of the most breathtaking places in the world can only be seen by boarding an international flight, or settling for downloading a photograph from the world wide web. But, what if we told you you could have those destinations accessible just by stepping outside your back door? It’s true, or, at the very least […]

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The Must-Knows of Residential Landscape Design

It can be tricky figuring out what to focus on when you’re set to overhaul your landscape. The list below provides must-know considerations when you are planning your next residential landscape design project. 1. Size Matters Decide on what kind of landscaping company you’ll need to get the job done. A lot of land might require […]

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4 Edible Plant Ideas For Your Backyard Garden

While growing your own food has become trendy in recent years, vegetable gardens often lack the level of aesthetics found in ornamental landscape beds. Plus, vegetable gardens can take up a lot of valuable space and are usually a good walk away from the house. At Alfresco, we say marry the two by incorporating veggies […]

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The 10 Step System for Installing Your Outdoor Lighting

In our previous post about landscape lighting, we told you the benefits of a well-lit outdoor landscape: it welcomes your guests to your home, no matter what time of day or year; it increases your safety when walking or using steps at night; and best of all, it adds value to your home. While we […]

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Landscaping ideas around the U.S.

Get landscaping ideas from landscaping styles around the country When you have a beautifully landscaped backyard or front yard, you can step into your perfect state of mind by just passing through the threshold of your door. And with these landscaping ideas inspired from styles around the country, you can also feel as if you’ve […]

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