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Landscape Lighting

Developing a professionally designed landscape lighting system for your home can add both drama and sophistication to your surroundings; doing so also aids in illuminating elements of your landscape that you would like to draw focus to in particular, and can be enjoyed just as much in the daytime as in the evening. Alfresco by Paul Burd offers clients a variety of light fixture options, including aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel varieties. Our lamp options include halogen, integrated solar, and LED; our LED options are especially notable due to their ability to consume 90% less electricity than halogen or xenon powered 12-volt systems. All of our LEDs have a 50,000-hour bulb life, and three-year warranty.


Landscape lighting replicates natural light, specifically that of the moon, to highlight areas of your property in ways that are both striking and beautiful. Often referred to by designers as “the moonlight effect,” this technique helps to show a whole new dimension of your home at night. While it’s possible to choose from many colors, most designers recommend warm, white illumination to better call attention to the landscape, as opposed to the lights themselves. Some of the most popular outdoor lighting methods include the following:
Uplighting: Using uplights greatly adds to the drama of outdoor light, if used thoughtfully. We naturally expect light to shine downward, so the emphasis and shadows created by the uplighting process helps to highlight aspects of your home and landscape in a very impactful manner.
Tree highlighting: Trees are a beautiful part of any landscape; when highlighted by carefully placed uplighting or lighting within a tree itself, they can imbue your property with a majestic, dramatic beauty.
Timer: Precisely programmed to turn on as the sun sets, a light timer can also be set to shut off your lighting display at a designated time. A timer helps you achieve the maximum impact during peak illumination hours without racking up an exorbitant electric bill; and even when the main display turns off, security lighting will remain on to help keep you and your home safe.
Fixture Variations: Like a painter with a variety of colors to choose from, varying the light fixtures used on a landscape will help to create a multidimensional experience that makes a lasting impression. Spotlights and floodlights are most often used for outdoor lighting displays; but by also using area lights, step lights and post lights, you can add subtle accents that create an even richer representation of your landscape at night.


Adding lighting design to your landscape can increase the safety of your property by lighting walkways and entry points, improving both your personal welfare and your home’s security. One of our most popular outdoor lighting options is our motion-detecting mounted lights. Thanks to their detection capabilities, these lights illuminate areas when any kind of movement is detected; this ability helps you avoid obstacles when walking around your property at night, while also preventing potential intruder threats by alerting you to their presence.