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Lawn Care

lawn care

Alfresco by Paul Burd’s commitment to landscapes extends to providing the best overall lawn care service offered in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our comprehensive care service includes lawn mowing, fertilization, tree care, weed control, pest control, and lawn reseeding options, all of which are performed with great care and attention by our staff of professional lawn care specialists.


A professionally mowed lawn acts as a spectacular frame, showcasing your home and landscape perfectly. No matter the size of the lawn, Alfresco is equipped to meet the demands necessary for creating an attractive appearance. We work with you to develop a mowing schedule the works for your lawn’s needs, one that delivers the best possible results. From professional grade riding lawn mowers to smaller devices for close-quarter trimming, we deliver unparalleled results every time.

Fertilization (organic or traditional)

We offer both traditional and organic fertilization options, depending on the preference of each individual client. Our organic fertilizer is applied in the form of a spray, which can be used in your home’s sprinkler system. Each time your lawn is watered, your lawn is also provided with the perfect supply of nutrients it needs. This system also guarantees that your plant life and lawn will be free of any fertilizer burns; and the implementation of this solution also eliminates unnecessary watering events.

Weed control

Effective weed control is essential for keeping a lawn healthy and well maintained. Alfresco by Paul Burd offers one of the most efficient weed control services available in the West Michigan area. We assess the unique needs of every lawn we service to determine the best plan specifically for each property. We then establish a maintenance schedule that ensures maximum effectiveness for that property. Whether that may be a wide application of herbicide or careful hand weeding in more delicate areas, we deliver consistent service that provides the best results.


Alfresco is proud to offer reseeding services as part of our expert lawn care options. A patchy or bald section of landscape can ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful presentation. Reseeding these problem areas, as well as determining lawn sections that could possibly benefit from preemptive seeding, will help to maintain your property’s beautiful appearance.

Insect and disease control

Alfresco by Paul Burd provides pest control solutions that effectively repel the vermin that most frequently attack lawns in West Michigan. We offer both traditional and organic pest and disease control solutions, depending on the preference of each individual client. Our organic insect and disease control option utilizes a solution that lightly applies food grade botanical extracts via your preexisting sprinkler system, misting your yard and plants with a formula proven to both keep common pests away and to be completely safe. There are no toxic or harmful chemicals used in our pest control formula; it’s synthesized from 100% organic materials. Our organic pest control solution has proven to be effective for fending off mosquitoes, ants, roaches, aphids, flies, gnats, snails, slugs, deer, rabbits, and gophers.