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Organic Solutions

Alfresco by Paul Burd is committed to providing the best landscaping services in West Michigan, a goal that extends to our use of organic solutions for our landscape maintenance and lawn care services. We believe in implementing products and services that achieve the best possible results, and which are safest for use around our clients and our clients’ families. This commitment to excellent service is why we offer organic pest control and organic fertilization options that are guaranteed to work without resorting to potentially hazardous chemicals. Feel safe when employing our organic solutions, knowing that your loved ones (both the two-and-four-legged varieties) won’t experience any harm. When it comes to maintaining the natural beauty of your landscape, Alfresco by Paul Burd guarantees organic solutions that make a world of difference without having a negative impact.

Organic Pest Control

We provide pest control solutions that effectively repel the intended targets and which are completely safe for use around both your family and your pets. We utilize a solution that lightly applies food grade botanical extracts, to be used in your preexisting sprinkler system. By misting your yard and plants with a formula proven to both keep common pests away and to be completely safe, we ensure unparalleled results. Rest assured that there are no toxic or harmful chemicals used in our pest control formula; we make sure to use 100% organic materials in its makeup. Our organic pest control solution is perfect for fighting off the following common West Michigan pests: mosquitoes, ants, roaches, aphids, flies, gnats, snails, slugs, deer, rabbits, gophers, and moles.

Organic Fertilization

The same formula we use for pest control also works as an extremely effective fertilizer. By using your sprinkler system to deliver the solution to your landscape, our fertilizing formula is capable of feeding your entire property in a completely earth-friendly and efficient way. Every time you water your lawn, the plants on your landscape are provided with the perfect supply of nutrients they need to be strong and robust. With this system, Alfresco by Paul Burd guarantees that your plant life and lawn will be free of any fertilizer burns; and by implementing the use of this solution, you can also eliminate unnecessary watering events.

A Commitment to Client Care

Alfresco by Paul Burd takes the needs of its clients to heart. With an increased demand for materials that are both more environmentally conscious and safe for use in areas where loved ones are active, Alfresco believes in offering products that meet these very standards. However, we also offer traditional pest control and fertilization solutions for those clients who prefer the results those particular products make possible. Ultimately, we believe homeowners know their property best, and which course of action best suits their needs. By offering both traditional and organic options, we allow the client to decide on the strategy that works best for them. Alfresco by Paul Burd is happy to consult clients as to which options might work best for them.