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Outdoor Living

Imagine your ideal outdoor living environment. A gorgeous patio, constructed from beautiful stone and expertly stained wood that fits perfectly with the rest of your landscape design. In the middle sits an attractive dining table, where you and your guests can enjoy conversation and food prepared at the adjoining outdoor kitchen. Imagine a place where you can enjoy spring, summer, and fall days to the fullest with family and friends for years to come. With Alfresco by Paul Burd, all of this is possible, and more. Paul Burd is able to design outdoor living spaces that match the individual needs of every client. For example, a patio that revolves around frequent meals and barbeques would benefit from the addition of an outdoor kitchen, while some outdoor living spaces are intended as retreats, allowing homeowners to enjoy nature in peace. Paul Burd will create the perfect outdoor living area for you and only you, designed as a result of your requests during the consultation phase. Get the most of the natural beauty that West Michigan and the Grand Rapids region has to offer with the addition of a Paul Burd landscaping design.


Nothing encapsulates the appeal of the outdoor living experience quite like a patio. An extension of the main home, patios allow homeowners to entertain family and friends alike, all while enjoying the unending natural beauty West Michigan has to offer. Patios come in all shapes and sizes, and Alfresco by Paul Burd is ably up to the task of conceiving and constructing patios to the specifications of any client. Patios can be constructed to complement the main home, or purposefully designed to provide a different experience; they can be made from natural materials that evoke the surrounding area, or constructed from artificial materials for a greater focus on design. We can also incorporate other design elements we offer within our patio designs, including outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, certain water features, and plantings, to name but a few.
Regardless of your preferences, Paul Burd is more than up to the task of designing a patio that’s perfect for you, and the Alfresco team is more than qualified to build it exactly as you imagined.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen areas allow you to prepare meals while entertaining guests in your outdoor living areas. Outdoor kitchens can be fully customized to meet the individual specifications of each client. For some, a compact grill area is perfect for preparing meals for small gatherings or backyard barbeques; while for others, a fully equipped kitchen featuring a grill, stovetops, a bar and fully-stocked cabinets is what is required for their outdoor entertaining needs. No matter what you hope to achieve, Alfresco’s team of professionals has the skill and capabilities required to create the outdoor kitchen set-up that’s perfect for you. They can build a freestanding kitchen area, or one that incorporates the aesthetics of a preexisting outdoor living area. Bring the warmth and fellowship of the dining room to the great outdoors with the addition of an outdoor kitchen made just for your needs.