Welcome to year-round landscaping mastery.

Welcome to Alfresco by Paul Burd.

Alfresco offers landscape preservation and care with true artisan expertise.


No matter what challenges Nature sends your way – be it Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – Alfresco will attend to your landscaping needs with the utmost sensitivity and dedication to perfection.


Looking for a landscape that is land-crafted?

Your landscaping is an art museum of the natural world. Alfresco preserves the masterpieces within.

Curious about our year-round preservation capabilities? See what we have to offer below.

Cut back perennials

Basic cutting back of perennial plants and flowers to maintain a healthy, attractive appearance.

Prune evergreens

Basic pruning services to retain your evergreens’ healthy appearance.

Clean plant beds

Trimming and tidying of plant bed edges to maintain an attractive, ordered presentation.

Application of pre-emergent herbicide for weed control

We take a preemptive approach to weed management, preventing their growth before they even have a chance to emerge.

Ornamental trees, shrubs and ground covers fertilization

We fertilize all plant life that is part of your landscape design to ensure healthy growth throughout the spring and summer months.

Application of hardwood shredded bark mulch

We put down fresh mulch to guarantee the well-being of your landscape’s plants.

Deadhead flowering perennials

We keep landscape flowers looking their best by pinching and pruning them to achieve the best possible presentation.

Prune all spring flowering plants and trees as needed

Pruning keeps flowering plants and trees healthy and well-maintained. Our team is fully equipped to provide expert pruning services as spring comes into bloom.

Weed control by means of cultivation, hand or herbicide

We’re equipped to control weeds in any way, depending on the situation – including herbicide application in larger spaces, and hand weeding in smaller, more delicate areas.

Check for pests or diseases for continued health of plants

Early detection of pests and diseases can make all the difference when trying to keep plants nourished and healthy.

Leaf cleanup and removal

Our team rakes up all leaves in your landscape and removes them, allowing your property to maintain a well-kept appearance throughout the fall.

Fall tree fertilization

It’s important to make sure your trees are healthy going into the cold winter months. Fertilizing trees in the fall prepare them for harsh conditions and the following spring.

Fertilization of evergreens and semi-evergreen shrubs

Because of their reputation for endurance, it can be easy to forget that evergreens need maintenance, too. We fertilize all evergreens and semi-evergreen shrubs in a landscape to keep them healthy and strong throughout the cold months.

Protection of trees and shrubs from deer

Deer populations make themselves known as the weather gets colder, and their search for food brings them closer to human populations. We apply protection, including pest repellant that keeps deer away and your landscape looking beautiful.

Spray evergreens with anti-transpirant to avoid drying

Anti-transpirant application keeps evergreens hydrated and healthy and maintains a nourished appearance through the fall and winter.

Prune dormant trees

Dormant trees benefit from pruning as much as active ones. We offer this service to ensure their continued health.

Looking for a landscape that is

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